Bastards Canteen and VETWORK: Uniting Veterans Through Community and Entrepreneurship

In the heart of Temecula, California Bastards Canteen isn’t just a dining establishment; we are a hub of camaraderie, support, and empowerment for veterans, especially those with career and entrepreneurial aspirations. Through our initiative called VETWORK, Bastards Canteen has become a catalyst for bringing veterans together once a month, fostering connections, and fueling the entrepreneurial…

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Best Pizza in Downey

ORDER ONLINE The verdict is in and our new pizzas are a hit! We want to thank everybody who attended our re-grand opening and tried some of the best pizza in Downey Bastards is now offering. Our selection of hand crafted pizzas made with premium ingredients is worth a try, visit our menu.

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Best Chicken Wings In Downey, BOGO Every Wednesday

ORDER ONLINE Our most popular ordered dish in Bastards history, believe it or not, is our sharable “Air Wings”, some of the best chicken wings in Downey! BOGO Every Wednesday. See our full menu and compliment yourself with more shareables like our corn dog bites, jalapeno mac n’ cheese, fried pickles, and street corn medallions.