Full Service Catering

Our 'Full Service Catering' is recommended for special occasions. Includes chaffing dishes with fuel, plates, flatware, napkins, & serving utensils. A team of professional servers will ensure a memorable experience. Minimum of 15 people is required.
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Prices & menu items are subject to change without notice. 1. Please allow for a window of 1/2 hour either way for delivery to allow for any unexpected travel or weather delays. Driver safety is our main concern. 2. A credit card is required at booking date unless prior credit card has been established with the restaurant. 3. A delivery charge may apply for any events beyond a 10 mile radius of Bastards. 4. All deliveries are subject to a 2% energy charge. 5. Full service catering are allocated 4 hours from start to finish. Meal services must fit within 2 hours. Servers are available for overtime at an additional charge.

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