Hosted by Chargers fan clubs Los Rayos, Boltrachos, and SGV Bolt Pride, the Los Angeles Chargers Draft Pub Crawl at Bastards Canteen witnessed an electrifying presence this past Thursday as NFL player Morgan Fox from the Los Angeles Chargers pulled up. The gathering was a celebration of football fandom, camaraderie, and the excitement surrounding the NFL draft. Fox’s presence drew Chargers fans closer to the heart of their beloved team in Downtown Downey.

Morgan Fox’s appearance at Bastards Canteen underscored the strong connection between NFL players and their devoted fan base. As he mingled with attendees, signed autographs, and posed for photos, Fox exemplified the spirit of community that defines Chargers Football. His humility and approachability left a lasting impression, reminding fans that behind the helmet and pads are individuals deeply appreciative of the support they receive from their community.

The Chargers Draft Pub Crawl at Bastards was an unforgettable experience, uniting fans in their passion for football and reinforcing the Chargers’ place in the heart of Los Angeles, especially in Downey.