When is comes down to finding the Best Burgers in Downey, Bastards Canteen is the place to go where you can find some of our customer favorites in one place.  Always made with 100% All-American Beef, charbroiled over flames perfectly prepared.  Don’t forget to enjoy them with a cold beer on tap.  Below are 3 of our fan favorites!

Our famous Bastards Burger, 100% all beef patty, romaine lettuce,
tomato, cheese, bacon, crispy onions and
our house made BBQ Sauce.

Our popular Breakfast Burger, 100% all beef patty, house aioli, cheese,
smashed tots, bacon and fried egg.

Our Tex-Mex inspired Chile Relleno Burger, 100% all beef patty, sliced onion, cilantro
slaw, stuffed pepper and fried egg.